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What is Altrix Edge?

It's a crypto trading and charting platform where traders can build strategies and get the latest data regarding market conditions. Altrix Edge also provides helpful learning materials for traders of all skill levels, as well as pricing charts that show real-time fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices.

Thanks to a user-friendly interface, it’s easily accessible, so traders can keep up with their trading activities and modify their strategies from anywhere. In addition to historical pricing trends, Altrix Edge gives insights regarding the latest events that can affect the crypto market, such as government regulation, the launch of new technology, or increased rates of crypto adoption.

Because of these features, it’s suitable for beginners and experienced traders who need an efficient way to look at information and instantly start trading. Traders can also focus on trading different cryptocurrencies to build a diverse portfolio. They can choose from a variety of altcoins or simply opt for Bitcoin trading, considering its reputation as the most favored cryptocurrency.

Besides trading-related features, Altrix Edge also ensures a safe trading experience by employing effective security measures like advanced encryption protocol. It also offers tried and tested payment methods that have been proven safe so that traders can make deposits and withdrawals without worry.

Library of Educational Materials on Altrix Edge

Despite the increasing traction surrounding cryptocurrencies, it’s important to remember that crypto trading can be very difficult and even riskier for traders who aren’t prepared. Without access to the right materials that could enhance their knowledge, traders would need to rely on trial and error to understand what they should and shouldn’t do. But this can be incredibly risky.

To ensure that even beginners know the basics before they go live, Altrix Edge has compiled a selection of different learning materials. These comprise short articles, detailed ebooks, and other forms of content to familiarize new traders with common concepts involved in crypto trading.

Using these resources, traders can understand how to read different charts, what factors to consider when building a strategy, and what the most common chart patterns indicate. Once they know how to read market data and interpret crypto-related news, traders can start forming strategies based on how they think the current data will affect the market.

At the same time, there are informative materials for experienced traders as well. These include case studies and articles that they can go through to build their understanding of the market.

View the Latest Crypto Market Insights with Altrix Edge

The crypto market is highly volatile, with a number of factors that can affect price movements at a single time. Therefore, it’s important that traders keep up with the latest market events and news before coming up with a strategy and choosing a cryptocurrency to start trading.

When traders don’t have a reliable source where they can get all their crypto-related news, they have to scour through different websites to find information. Even then, there’s a risk of missing something that could potentially affect cryptocurrency prices.

To prevent the hassle associated with looking for relevant cryptocurrency news across different outlets, Altrix Edge has a dedicated section to provide traders with important market insights. This includes the latest news regarding political stances on cryptocurrencies, lawsuits against crypto-related companies, and more.

The Link Between Market Events and Crypto Prices

Viewing this information is critical for performing a fundamental analysis when speculating the future price movement of a cryptocurrency. Otherwise, simply relying on historical trading data and the price action of a cryptocurrency can prevent traders from seeing the complete picture of how current market conditions could eventually impact the value of a cryptocurrency.

Some common examples of events that can affect crypto trading include factors like changing interest rates, unemployment, and inflation. Periods of economic stability in a country can lead to a rise in cryptocurrency adoption. As this happens, more people start acquiring crypto assets, which increases their popularity.

In this situation, the demand for the cryptocurrency increases, which has a major impact on the value. Similarly, many traders wait for major economies like the United States to declare whether it will be increasing interest rates or not. Then, based on this news, they decide whether to go long or short on their trading strategy.

Read Historical Price Action Trends on Altrix Edge

At the same time, it’s unwise to dismiss historical price action information of a particular crypto asset. When conducting a technical analysis to speculate on the price movement of a cryptocurrency, traders must see how the price has changed over time. For this, an accurate charting tool is essential.

It’s why Altrix Edge provides traders with a reliable pricing chart that shows real-time data about the value of a cryptocurrency and how it’s currently moving. Technical analysts believe that historical pricing trends are a strong indicator of an asset’s future movements.

This stems from the concept of market cycles. Many crypto traders are of the opinion that the crypto market will experience a bullish or bearish trend every couple of years, after which prices experience rapid change.

With the Altrix Edge’s charting tool, traders can set their desired time intervals to see how the value of a cryptocurrency has changed over time. Then, they can predict whether the price is set to increase or decrease in the near future, allowing them to start trading accordingly.

A User-Friendly Interface Allows Easier Navigation

Crypto trading is quite complicated as it is, so the last thing traders need is a platform that’s too confusing and complicated to navigate through. To ensure that new traders would spend little time getting used to the platform, Altrix Edge is designed with a user-friendly interface. That means the layout is simple and easy to understand. It also means that the features are labeled properly to help traders access the resources they need.

A great user interface can alleviate the confusion and frustration that comes with trying to understand complex charts and other materials. Because of its clean and minimalist layout, traders can access Altrix Edge on their handheld or desktop devices. The platform maintains a similar user interface regardless of the screen size, so traders don’t need to adjust to different versions of the platform.

It also makes it more convenient to access the platform from anywhere. This is an important feature for many crypto traders today, considering that they may need to log into their accounts from different locations.

Understanding Crypto Trading Charts

To effectively open long and short positions for a specific cryptocurrency, traders need to know how to read crypto charts. Charting is a common component of technical analysis, during which a trader should view a cryptocurrency’s price trend before moving forward.

Charts provide a wide variety of insights regarding the crypto market, which is crucial when traders need to make split-second decisions. Although traders can always customize their charts according to their preferences, there are a few common types of charts they'll come across.

Simple Line Charts

As the name implies, this type of chart includes a line that connects the dots between one closing price and the next. When all these dots are connected with a line, traders can view the overall price movement of a cryptocurrency over time.

It’s the simplest type of pricing chart, but it doesn’t offer any information about how the price moved within a specific period. The only visible data point on this chart is the closing price at the end of a trading period.

Nevertheless, this type of chart is highly useful for traders who want to observe a general price trend to see if the value has gone up or down so far. Therefore, it helps one see the bigger picture with regard to a cryptocurrency’s price movement.

Not to mention, it’s common for some traders to focus more on the closing price of a crypto asset than the opening price, high or low. But this means ignoring some important data points. Specifically, traders end up dismissing price fluctuations that occur during a trading session. And when it comes to a highly volatile asset class such as cryptocurrencies, it could make all the difference in one's strategy.

Bar Chart

Compared to a line chart, a bar graph will indicate much more information. It will show the opening price, closing price, or a cryptocurrency, as well as the highs and lows experienced during a trading session. In other words, a bar chart will depict the volatility of a cryptocurrency as well.

Rather than seeing the overall pricing trend, traders rely on bar charts to learn about the price range of the asset during a specific period. Therefore, it’s common to see the bars increasing or decreasing in size over time.

For each bar, the bottom marks the cryptocurrency’s lowest traded price during the session. Meanwhile, the top will mark the highest traded value. The length of the bar itself will show the asset’s trading range. With greater price fluctuations, bars become bigger, and smaller changes result in smaller bars.

This variation in size is because the vertical length of a bar represents the difference between the highest traded price and the lowest traded price during a session. And each bar represents a single session, which can be as long as a few minutes, an hour, or a day.

Candlestick Chart

The candlestick chart is by far the most common chart that traders use to keep track of market data. It’s a type of bar chart because it also shows the opening and closing prices, along with the highs and lows during a specific trading session.

Even though it indicates the same data as a bar chart, it’s much more visually appealing. This makes it more convenient to read, which is essential in crypto trading, where every second counts. Each candle is made up of a larger body and a wick at each end. The wider block in the center of the candle shows the difference between the cryptocurrency's opening and closing prices. Then, the wicks will show how high and low the asset's value went in the specific session.

A major reason that crypto traders prefer using candlestick charts is that they represent market sentiment using colors – most commonly red and green. A red body will show that the closing price was lower than the opening price, indicating a bearish sentiment. And a green body means that the closing price was higher than the opening price at the start of a session, which implies bullish sentiment.

With Altrix Edge, traders can view charts based on their trading preferences. Whether they want to view general price trends or see other data points as well, they can set their desired trading session intervals on the chart. This allows each trader to see the information they’re looking for without any distractions. Not to mention, they can apply specific indicators on the chart to keep track of when a cryptocurrency will reach a specific price.

Altrix Edge - FAQs

Do I need a crypto wallet to start trading with Altrix Edge?

No, traders don’t need to get a crypto wallet if they want to start crypto trading. This is because trading via Altrix Edge doesn’t require the ownership of a cryptocurrency token. Instead, traders will go long or short on an asset depending on whether they speculate that the value will increase or decrease. Therefore, traders will be able to start crypto trading without paying the high cost of purchasing a token.

Do I need experience before I start crypto trading on Altrix Edge?

It’s not necessary to have stock or forex trading experience when starting crypto trading. However, it’s still important that traders have some knowledge about how the crypto market works. This allows them to get a clearer picture of current market conditions and make decisions accordingly. Otherwise, there’s a risk of taking up positions based on one’s gut feeling, which can increase risk levels.

Can I log into my Altrix Edge account from my computer?

Yes, Altrix Edge is developed to be compatible with all types of desktop and handheld devices. Because it’s designed with a user-friendly interface, traders can conveniently transition from trading on their computers to their tablets. Also, it’s compatible with all major operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Which strategy is best for crypto trading?

The most common options include scalping, day trading, and swing trading. Traders should choose a strategy based on their goals and how much time they’re willing to dedicate to monitoring their trades. However, considering the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, scalping is a suitable strategy. This is because it allows traders to take advantage of minor price fluctuations that occur in the crypto market.

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